Natalie Ital


Notes de mon entretien avec Natalie Ital le 28 mai 2012, chez elle à Berlin.


Very diverse practice ; photos, films, music.

Went to Kassel to learn photogram, with Neususs.

Wanted to work with colour ; Neususs said just try.

Getting unexpected colours ; you are in the dark, don’t know what is going to come out.

Experiment beyond imagination.

Could not control everything, and liked it.

A sort of reaction against the power of the camera who determines everything.

With photograms, more freedom, amazing, unexpected results.

Works also with camera (more for documentary).

It opens more possibilities for me.

Photograms of whatever I find, collect, by accident (not a plan).


Initially working a lot, many photograms.

Now more intuitive, e g. work with a dog.

More selective also.


Some figurative, some more abstract.

Explore what she can do with colour, with light.

Prepares with drawings, but it’s always different.


Always exploring ; it’s fun.

Likes to be imprevisible.

Colourful, joyful work.