Ackroyd & Harvey


Notes d’après les entretiens de Martin Barnes avec Heather Ackroyd (1959), Daniel (Dan) Harvey (1959), ensemble ou séparément, les 28 septembre 2000, 3 janvier, 1er février et 25 mai 2001, disponibles à la British Library dans le cadre du projet « Oral History of British Photography » (références C459/ 130, 131 & 132, 5 bandes magnétiques)

1ère bande (47:34)

Met in September 1989. Both had worked with grass

Idea of printing images on the grass.


2ème bande (46:25)

Implanted Spirit 1991 in Le Fresnoy: their first piece imprinting an image into growing grass. A high contrast negative of neon signs was projected, enlarged onto a vertical wall surface planted with seed. The projection lasted about a week.”

Curator Michel Reilhac. Derelict building. Catalog. Very experimental, trial and error. Responding to the site.


3ème bande (47:25)

Photosynthesis piece (Lambeth walk). Photos of people crossing the street printed on grass.

Importance of the process.

Accusation of gimmickry?

How to possess, collect, own a piece like this? Intentionally transient works. Negative and process.


4ème bande (47:30)

Snake in the grass (Serpentine)

Forcefield, a commission in a large derelict grain store for Galway Arts Festival, Ireland, 2000. During the course of the installation, shadows of objects such as a garden shed and a tree were imprinted onto the walls covered in grass.”

Desire to fix images made in grass that were susceptible to fading (like early photography): special type of ‘stay green’ seed

Mother and Child: combine subject matter with the technique (DNA)


5ème bande (17:56)

Non-photographic pieces.